MAKEUP GUIDE - Preparation Guide- FAQs, Makeup and Hair Do’s and Don’t, Suggestions, Clothing Guide

Makeup professional or DIY?

While I do recommend having make-up applied professionally, many seniors perform in dance groups, and theater. Don’t spend the money if you do not need to. If you are a senior who does not wear much makeup, I absolutely recommend having your makeup applied by a professional. The ‘no makeup’ look is more difficult to apply correctly, but will really enhance your natural features and smooth out skin texture and color. Recommendations upon request. I have stylists that can either come to your home or you can visit their salon. Book asap! Most have regular business hours which may affect the photo shoot day and time.

(See makeup tips below)

Blemishes or Acne?

Light use of concealer is fine on acne, but don’t put more foundation on trying to cover it up. I got you covered at no charge!

Fair skinned beauty?

I use a warming filter for fair skin. Do not feel like you need to have a tan, natural or fake. It’s simply not necessary. 

Spray Tan?

If you enjoy having an overall even spray tan, I think it’s a wonderful technology. Please be mindful of the dreaded spray tan blotches. Exfoliate everything before your spray tan session, then have your spray tan appointment 1-2 days prior to your photo session. Do not use any abrasive products in delicate areas like your underarms and neck area. If you have any spray tan ‘mistake’ areas, choose clothing that will help cover those areas, and point them out to me so I can minimize their appearance in your posing. Retouching is possible.

Natural Tan?

Yes and no. Avoid getting too much sun or a sunburn the 7 days prior to your session. Sunburns bring out the red capillaries on your face and can really affect the color of your skin (digital sensors see more than the eye). Heavy sun dries out your face, which brings natural oils to the surface of your face. In the Texas heat, shine is hard to control.

False Lashes?

Yes and no. False lashes are fantastic. If you like the long lash look, feel free to apply them. 

Make sure your lashes are curled up towards your brows so they do not cast shadows from my lighting. Professional application is recommended if you are unsure about how to apply them correctly.


Your hands will be highlighted in some of your photos. Your nails should be clean and portrait ready. If you use color on your nails, choose a color that works with most of your outfit choices. Toes should be clean, but are rarely/barely seen in portraits, even with open toe shoes they do not show up enough to worry about.

Eyebrow enhancement?

Eyebrows are a hot topic these days! For shape, please pluck your eyebrows as you normally do about 1-2 days prior to your session. If you are applying color with a pencil, make sure to blend any strong artificial lines that may show up while using a brow pencil. Eyebrows tend to gain contrast on film which will enhance these lines. I recommend a gel type enhancer to achieve the color and shape you want.

Photography day!  

Bring your necessities and a few extra things, you will not regret being over prepared!

Touch up makeup, lipstick or tinted gloss, face powder, hair brush, hair spray, rice paper - used for oil removal on face, and hair accessories in case of windy weather. Items like sunglasses, personal hair clips, barrettes, pony tail holders, headbands, scarves, hats or anything stylish you might wear in your hair, can be a game changer on certain days.

Other necessities-Several water bottles for hydration, slip-on flat sole shoes for walking to and from set, personal battery operated fan, accessories and shoes for every outfit.

Makeup dos and and one don’t (for you or the professional stylist)

Do: If you have a professional applying your makeup, bring a photo of yourself, or a magazine photo that shows how you would like your hair and/or makeup to look.

Do: SPEAK UP, if you think the makeup or hair is going the wrong direction, the earlier you speak up, the happier everyone you will be.

Do: Bring your own lipstick/tinted gloss, and setting powder. You will need it during your photo shoot for touch ups.

Do: Use a strong setting spray. MATTE setting spray during summer months will help your makeup stay on your face even if you are sweating.

Do Not: Use sparkles, glitter products on top or under your foundation during the summer months. Eye glitter is perfectly fine. 

Do: Wear water resistant mascara and liner during summer months.